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Our Mission

Here at CoMuse, we believe that working smarter means showing up for everyone in mindful ways in order to redefine success at every level.  Studies show that mindfulness practices benefit us even more when our intention is tied to value-based actions like the "why" (Psychology Today), providing meaning and purpose, peace and creativity, far beyond the paycheck.

We serve the Music + Tech Community by offering year-round support in business coaching, mindful community, industry master classes, mindfulness sessions, articles, networking and other consistent support resources to cultivate more inclusive, empathetic, integrated places for you to do your best work.  

Compassion rocks! ❤️🤘🏽

Challenges We Solve

In 2023, it's no longer an "either-or" situation.  We believe it's far time our industry increases BOTH the welfare of the individuals AND the bottom line.  It starts here.  

Here's just some of the benefits of becoming a CoMuse member:

  • build strong values-based (the "why") communications into our business and creative relationships
  • less stress and anxiety and more happiness at work
  • neutral safe space where you're voice matters
  • year-round (real human) support, where apps and one-off trainings can fall short
  • practical applications of emotional intelligence at work to create sustainable success habits

What You Get with CoMuse

We provide: 

  • year-round business coaching (different from therapy! can be even more effective than mentorship!)
  • monthly master classes 
  • weekly mindfulness sessions 
  • CoMuse members newsletter to support ongoing engagement
  • industry POV (point of view) articles from all sectors of industry
  • industry networking
  • mindful community chat/video boards moderated by CoMuse and CoMuse thought leaders and partners
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