Emotional Intelligence at work.

About CoMuse

CoMuse is an online professional development community that offers group coaching, mentorship and networking in the practical applications of Emotional Intelligence, compassion, empathy, interpersonal communication and mindful-work for creative entrepreneurs in Music, Media & Entertainment.

As the largest global support of emotional intelligence at work for creative entrepreneurs, we provide safe spaces to practice tough conversations with positive outcomes–redefining success. The results of our work are ecological. There is evidence that shows this work creates positive outlooks for individuals and builds more sustainable (read: longevity) careers, teams and companies. 

CoMuse is therapy for my work brain. It delivers a much needed shift in perspective and approach to my creative and professional balance. The grounding, motivation and courage CoMuse has provided empowers me to dream that much bigger chase after my wildest ambitions. - Katie Moran, CoMuse member

Why CoMuse? 

Confidence Building: Our members are working to gain confidence in their current skills and in the ability to navigate new paths.

Networking and Building Community: Our members express a desire to expand their networks and connect with like-minded professionals.

Career Guidance and Job Support: Our members are navigating career transitions, whether within their current industry or into new fields. On this path they often need support in the job and client search process

Mental Health and Wellbeing: Our members are looking to manage mental health and maintain a positive mindset during professional changes.

Personal & Professional Development: Members are seeking growth personally and professionally, including gaining new skills and insights.

Creative & Impactful Work: Our members strive for purpose in their work and are passionate about what they do. 

The Ripple Effects

We have witnessed firsthand the positive ripple effects within the creative industries and shifts on how we will work better together in our relationships.

  • Higher job satisfaction and increased pay

  • More work in the their creative field

  • Deeper and more collaborative relationships with others at work

  • Moral, creative and networking support from other like-minded professionals

  • General overall improved sense of wellbeing: increased fun and productivity at work, reduced levels of stress and anxiety

  • Better overall self-awareness and compassion for themselves and others

  • Enhanced proactive communication skills

Member Benefits

As a CoMuse member, you get access to a wealth of benefits including: 

  • Coaching: work with experts in areas such as Executive, Life, Health & Wellbeing and Finance

  • Masterminds: sessions with like-type people through role-play, conflict resolution, negotiations, leadership and management 

  • Mindful Work, Mindful Life: a weekly group mindfulness session

  • Masterclasses: explore our mini-courses when it is convenient for you

  • Personal Professional Development: individual goal planning and mentorship sessions

  • Invites to live community events across the globe